OK, so RFID skimming is out there. The convenience and speed of doing transactions “on the go” has a threat that is very real with identity theft costing Australia around $2.2B per year.

It doesn’t matter whether the risks are in our streets or abroad, internationally, the thieves get smarter with the technology. This is the way it has been and always will be.

It will not be long before everyone knows someone (and many of you do already) who has been on the receiving end of the 1 second scan it takes to grab your information as someone passes you by in the street.

These scanning devices can work MORE than 10cm away and through clothes and wallets, then, with yoru information saefly stored a new card can be created and the thief can go on a “paypass” shopping spree withouth you even knowing.

Quite often, because of course you havent lost your card, the first time you will realise is when you go to ‘paypass’ and you get a “declined due to insufficent funds” type of message, when your account has been emptied.

So quite simply, you have a choice. protect with a low cost solution that can give you peace of mind, or take the fingers crossed attitude that it wont happen to you!



Director, RFID Secure