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The facts:

Why you MUST protect or your “pay and go” may be “pay and gone”!

We all enjoy the convenience of the RFID (Radio Frequency Idenification) chips that make paying for goods and services quick and easy.

The same technology is used in Passports and Hotel room keys, in our world that DEMANDS convenience.

However, with a simple app, this information may easily be read by the thief, through your pocket or wallet, transferred onto another card, and subsequently can be used to systematically remove YOUR hard earned money from your account $100 at a time in the same way you can paypass in any shop, in every shopping centre.

Quite simply, it takes ONE SECOND for the identity thief to get your information in the street either at home or on holiday to get to work and remove YOUR money from your account, get access to your hotel room,or the information on your passport.

And this is how RFID Secure helps you protect your money and identity…

We have a full range of products that provide a SHIELD for the RFID signal and BLOCK any thief from skimming your information with the scanners they use.

Our most commonly used product is our individual debit or credit card blocking sleeves, but we also can provide wallets (to protect multiple cards), passport holders and key card holders.

When you want to use your card simply slip it out of the sleeve and make your payment, giving you ease of use as well as that sleep at night factor that your money and identity are protected.

So, You have a choice…

…The risks are real, so you can cross your fingers OR get the quick, easy and cheap solution to make sure your money and your identity are FULLY protected

Click the images below to find out how we can help you...

Making sure you ARE protected

Protecting your money, your identity and your peace of mind whether at home, at work or on holiday.

Business? Get your brand remembered and shared

Branded RFID products to protect your valued clients, and have your brand advertised every time someone pays for ANYTHING

What do you choose?

Protect your money and identity NOW…

…or perhaps wish you had later

We enjoy using our many RFID secure products EVERY day.

They not only are Quality & Fit for Purpose, they also offer us constant “Peace of Mind”, whenever & wherever we are “out”, both at

Home and especially when Travelling, in this much less than honest and be on your guard world.

Mark M, SA

I just wanted to let you know that the credit card sleeves arrived on time and look great.

They were so well received by the delegates as they were the stand out take away promo item – nothing like it at the conference.
Thank you so much for your help in getting these organised.

Emma, WA

I just wanted to thank you for your amazing customer service. The online ordering was so easy and quick, and I appreciated the frequent email updates on my order. I received my parcel this morning – I couldn’t get over how quick it was prepared and sent. Thank you again! I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family and I look forward to purchasing your products and using your website again in the future 🙂
Many thanks,

Madeline, NSW

I just wanted to say how wonderful it was to deal with your company. Product was of lovely quality but the real plus was the prompt service and up to date email communications. Item was delivered the next day (I live in the same city). Pleasure to do business with you and have referred you to my friends.

Jacqui, WA

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We know that this information can then either be used to create a “replica card” which can subsequently be used to “paywave” or”paypass” for the thief’s convenience (rather than yours obviously).

Of course, with credit cards, there is a whole world of shopping that can be done, not necessarily limited to the $100 paypass limit with still many sites not requiring a ccv number to buy. Just think of the fun someone could have with your account!

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It doesn’t matter whether the risks are in our streets or abroad, internationally, the theives get smarter with the technology. This is the way it has been and always will be.
It will not be long before everyone knows someone (and many of you do already) who has been on the receiving end of the 1 second scan it takes to grab your information as someone passes you by in the street.

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