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Dispelling the Myths about RFID Skimming and why RFID Blocking Wallets are important to your credit card security

RFID Secure Protection

Protection from Fraud with RFID Secure Wallets, Credit Card Sleeves, Purses. Passport Protectors & Key Card Holders.

All of our RFID Blocking products are manufactured to the highest standards to protect against credit card skimming and provide security for your personal information.

What products does RFID Secure provide security for?

RFID chip
  • Smart Cards or Contactless Debit & Credit Card Protection
  • Passports Protection
  • Keyless entry cards  - work IDs & key card protection
  • Some drivers licenses and transit cards 

How RFID Blocking Protection works?

Smart Cards or Contactless debit and credit card protectionThe RFID Secure products protect information by creating an RFID shield that blocks the electromagnetic energy needed to power and communicate with RFID items.